In the beginning…

After many long years of relying solely on the virtues of veiled Facebook posts and drunken Whatsapp messages, I’m going to attempt to actually write deliberately to express my thoughts. Interesting.

In an attempt to create a somewhat safe public space to lay down these ideas – which will be controversial at different times to different people – here be the ground rules.

  • My thoughts and writings are mine alone and represent no other people or organizations I may be affiliated with
  • Comments: I may open posts for comment, but I will be very specifically not responding to comments.  I’ll observe and then delete any offensive comments.  If you want to debate, that’s what Facebook or cable news channels are  for (or so it seems these days).  My site. My rules.

That’s not many ground rules. That’s good.

I’ll be using the forum to explore a lot of different emotions and observations I have about life.  There are a lot these days.  I’ll be using it to post my fledgling creative writing pieces, as well as needlework, artwork, or interesting pictures I’ve made.

Ok, that’s it for now.

Postscript: you can have a look at the page I’ve put together “About me” – it is here.

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