The Temptation to not talk about the 2016 American Preseisential election

I’m a bit stuck.  The media is covering the presidential election in full force – even in Abu Dhabi – and I’m stuck.  I’ve lost my voice.  Wait, no.  I haven’t lost it.  I just don’t share my opinions on this topic quite as freely as I’m known to do on other less divisive subjects.

I struggle to find words a lot of times I get overwhelmed with emotion.  There have been a lot of these times over the past few months where I read the press releases and Facebook posts and wanted to scream in pure frustration.  Why.  Ok, let’s dig.

I don’t officially affiliate with either major American political party, but I suppose I identify more closely with democrats than republicans. I’d support independent parties if I didn’t feel like most of their candidates are just a little more out of touch with the present people of the U.S. and the historical context of the times we live in.

So sure, politicians be crazy. The shit they  come up with is cra-z-balls.  I don’t mind so much about that – that’s what they’ve done since forever.

The reason I get upset is that I see honestly good people whom I call friends or family – across all bandwidths of the whole political spectrum – turn into unashamed, shockingly irresponsible bobble headed twits when politics come up.  My Facebook feed makes me want to cry.  Literally. I’m not a cry-y person, but this is nuts.  Like people are out for blood, to win some kind of perverse feats-of-caustic-sarcasm-strength contest.  People I care about.  People who are not actually assholes.

I have liberal friends talking complete fabrications about conservative candidates and policies.  I have conservative friends posturing in a way that makes it seem like they have completely dehumanized a sizable fraction of the entire human race – generally people who don’t happen to live in North America. For that matter – so have liberals. But substitute “republicans” for the foreigners.

If people wanted to change things – I mean really change things – a good place to start would be to think about where the other side(s) are coming from.  If you were a liberal, think about what the abortion debate feels like to someone who can’t have a child.  If you’re conservative, think about what it would feel like to deny your own sexuality for your entire life because it made other people uncomfortable. I’m not trying to get anyone to change their mind, but for fucks sake, can we not try to inject some human decency and understanding in these arguements.

When you say you want to invade Syria, do you realize what kind of a ground war that’d be?  When you say we should “build a wall and nuke the place” referring to the Middle East, do you know that makes you sound like someone who would microwave a kitten because… I don’t know. Doesn’t matter why. Both ideas are completely insane.
This is rambling and no proper essay, but I want to get it out there.  I am tired of this political season turning my friends into something like a rambling group of mindless psychopaths.

And for the record, I’m pretty tired of non-Americans trying to “help” me/us understand how messed up American politics are. Trust me, you’re not helping.

True story – my Russian colleague at work and I actually bonded talking politics.  Not because we agree with each other on anything besides the fact we are tired of everyone we meet talking to us like we were direct liaisons between the “genius” explaining what’s wrong with American or Russian politics, and our respective government leaders. What? Why are you doing this? It’s not clever and neither of us really care, save for a passing academic interest in how precisely the rest of the world’s perceptions are wrong.

So, no, I don’t want to talk about the election. Just please, everyone, stop and ask yourself if you sound like a psychopathic asshole when you talk about politics.  If you think you do – fantastic work on developing self awareness.  You’re very clever.  Now shut up.

P.S. – I can’t wait for someone to post a comment here calling me a c*** and prove my point.

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