Groundwork Day

“Surely you won’t throw me out, too?” – Mycroft

Sometimes you just need to clean house.  Today was that day for me.  It feels good.

The novel I’m working on has a lot of backstory and context to it.  When creating a new world, it’s kind of important to make sure everything is, you know, coherent.  So I’d repurposed some old, unused MBA notebooks to act as blank almanacs of this new place in creating.

That kind of worked.  I’m a huge fan of the bullet journal method of note taking and idea capture.  I use it at work to pretty good effect.  Nothing says “Hey, adopt technology to do your job better!”  (my core work function mandate)  like walking around with a notebook and colored pencils, taking notes.

But I didn’t use bullet journal method because creative people can be Neanderthals in the heat of creative genius, and when I put pencil to paper, I just went.  I messed up the organization pretty badly, which messed up my flow, which means I can’t use the journals anymore, they just won’t WORK!

<throws all papers over my head into the air and falling down like confetti>

Once my metaphorical tantrum subsided, in an attempt to transition back to a productive and meaningful journaling method, I started Google Doc’ing everything.  I think it’s working.  I think.

The novel is about, hmm…. 7 chapters in.  I’m happy with it.  It’s ambitious and different.  I can’t wait to share it.  At about one chapter a week, I could finish this year.  

In the meantime,  I’m aiming for a short story a month, plus the dailies I’m tossing up here.

A problem I have with short stories is I just don’t really read them.  I have liked things I’ve read of David Eggers, but reading his stuff is like trying to have confidence in your ability to execute a paint-by-numbers kit by studying Rembrandt.  I guess, huh?

What kind of short story authors do you recommend I pick up?

Will continue with dailies tomorrow.

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