Helpful tool for short stories!

I missed an update for yesterday, so you will get two today!  

I’ve been trying to focus on a big task at work, and given that I have substantially lower energy reserves than normal these days (8+ months pregnant much?), I wasn’t able to do both in one sun cycle.

I’ve got a chapter due today for my createive writing class, and I also still have work to do.  It will be a busy day, but I’ll manage it.  I was going to write about how stress actually makes me less productive when being creative, but that’s not true.  It only makes me less productive if I don’t have the confidence to do the work.  If I do, then the stress is a stimulant.  If not, though, it’s a huge depressant.  I just hope the energy lasts.

I’m good with prose, technical writing, and (to some extent) poetry.  Give me a deadline, and I’ll come up with at least some B- work, something that can be built on.  But short stories are a lot harder.

I’m stuck in three short stories right now.  I like their setup, but they just aren’t moving. I did a quick I online search and found a good resource to help get going.  I probably won’t get to it today, but there is a lot of good stuff here which I think I can use to get at least one of the stories over the line.  And I’ll share it with you here! Promise.

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