I Feel Bad, Mr. Trump

Having officially kicked off maternity leave this past week, I’ve had a lot of time to keep up with the news.  Ok, I do keep up with the news generally, and maybe it’s just the maternal hormones searing through my blood, but….

I think someone needs to give Donald Trump a hug.  Someone needs to buy him a coffee and explain the facts of life* to him.

[* “Facts of life” meaning how things are meant to work, when you’re not an over-privileged, narcissistic (psychopathic?) corporate bully]

It’s tough learning about one’s shortcominings in the workplace.  It happens when people get promoted to new roles, and when professional success is closely aligned with personal identity.  I know this.  I’ve gone through a experience this past year, where I personally, painfully watched a major project fail under my management. In an unfortunate coincidence of timing, it all really fell to shit at exactly when I found out I was pregnant, spawning another, more primal, parallel identity crisis.  But that’s a separate post for a different time.

Even through all that, I had a modicum of privacy about the whole thing, having a relatively less fixed mindset as a thirty-something corporate director than a world famous septegenarian real estate CEO cum POTUS.  I didn’t have to watch my naïvety play out on CNN and late night comedy. That’s gotta be hard.  And not even a Melania around the White House in the evenings to get grounded with.  Sigh.  I feel bad, Mr. Trump, that you’re alone in the White House without someone to talk it through with, in a dressing gown eating proverbial microwave dinners and watching late night TV.  It’s no way for a POTUS to have to live.

So, what’s a Donald to do?  Can he somehow develop the humility he needs to see, accurately, what’s going on around him? Can he do it fast enough, or will he crash?  I don’t see this happening quickly. He needs a buddy to help him out.  Maybe that’s why he was trying to be friends with Comey so badly? Jim, he was just looking for a buddy to have dins with. No?  

I think someone needs to just give him a hug. Maybe a frozen casserole for dins. This could take a while.

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