A little bit about me.

I’m an American lady living and working in the Middle East. I’ve been here for lots of years.

My day job involves work in the design and construction industry in the United Arab Emirates.  I also do a lot of writing and post things here to this site.  I like to write fiction, poetry, and personally essays.

I’m married to an Englishman, and we co-cat-parent our felines Holmes, Penny, and Mycroft.  Penny had to have most of her pointy teeth removed, but likes to show off the one she has left.

Things I’m interested in

  • Writing
  • Problem-solving
  • Learning
  • Leadership and organizational behavior
  • Cats (and other animals)
  • Running
  • Current events, politics & policy
  • Books
  • Knitting
  • Books about knitting
  • World history
  • Economics, finance and business
  • Architecture and design
  • Engineering, physics and mathematics
  • Stories
  • People, Mythology & legends
  • Books on Audible.com
  • Cats
  • Books